Synapse Summit (March 8th-11th, 2021) is the ultimate, once a year, celebration of Florida innovation. Nowhere else can you celebrate, discover, and engage with so many of Florida’s top producing thought leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and talent.

With the help of people like Jeff Vinik, Sara Blakely, Arni Bellini, Jeff Hoffman, and Larry Quinlan, Synapse celebrates Florida Innovation by highlighting the state’s best.

Our portfolio companies CensysTech, ecoSPEARS, Violet Defense and StemRad were all featured panelists, as well as Kirenaga CEO David Scalzo, and Partner Jim Thomas.

Check out the sessions below:

David Scalzo & Jim Thomas

Join David Scalzo and Jim Thomas for a discussion on the investable opportunities all around the Sunshine State and the mission of the Central Florida Tech Fund.

Violet Defense

Violet Defense is proud to be apart of the back-to-business stride. We believe in providing disinfecting technology for everybody including businesses local to Orlando, Florida that have been impacted due to the pandemic. By harnessing the power of UV, we help businesses feel more confident about opening back up to the public.
We have all faced tremendous challenges during the pandemic to find proven, yet effective, ways to disinfect our spaces to make them safer for employees and customers. Orlando company, Violet Defense, was created in 2012 to help protect public spaces from germs, patenting their technology in 2017. When Orlando’s NBA team, the Orlando Magic, was searching for tools back in 2019 that would keep their players healthy, they found a local partner in Violet Defense. Little did they know this partnership would enable the Orlando Magic – and others – to leverage the power of UV disinfection as part of their re-opening plans.

Censys Tech

Trevor Perrott, CEO of CensysTech sits down with Kirenaga Partner, Jim Thomas.


Sergie Albino, CEO/Co-Founder of ecoSPEARS, and Ian Dormal, EVP/ Co-Founder sit down with Kirenaga Partner Jim Thomas.


Learn about StemRad’s personal radiation protection for Physicians, Astronauts, First Responders, and Nuclear Industry Workers.