A Collaborative Approach

“What we have seen over and over again – and we can’t stand it – is the failure of great ideas to make the leap to great businesses. Visionary founders need both capital and good advice – and unfortunately, often get too little of each. It drives us crazy and it’s why our purpose is To Transform Cutting Edge Ideas Into Revolutionary Businesses.”

David Scalzo, Founder of Kirenaga Partners

Creating True Partnerships Focused on Growth

We invest in early-stage venture companies that have developed products and are on the verge of initial commercialization, at the stage we call “Post-Technical Validation and Pre-Commercialization.”  Our investment partnership is in high-demand from Visionary Founders for five reasons:

  1. We lead.  We invest with conviction and are willing to be the first professional capital partners.
  2. We write the missing check. It is our observation that the $2 million investment check is the hardest to find, as it is often too large for personal and angel networks, and too small for the largest institutions. We are large enough to solve this funding gap and invest enough so our founders can focus on growing their business, rather than wasting time with piecemeal capital conversations.
  3. We are professional. We are members of the National Venture Capital Association and are comfortable setting valuation and investment terms. We seek to catalyze other investors through our involvement.
  4. We partner with our founders.  We are business builders first and foremost. Rather than investing in dozens of start-ups, we run a more concentrated portfolio so that we have the time and resources to actively partner with our founders to build companies of enduring value.
  5. We level the playing field. We consider ideas regardless of who or where they come from. We open our national network to support business development and operational excellence.

Building Profitable Businesses

We are dedicated to efficiently allocating our investor capital to help businesses build a solid foundation of operations.


Active Management is Key

Because we actively partner with the management teams of our portfolio companies, we are constantly monitoring and assessing their progress and influencing direction, as appropriate.


Commitment to Excellence

Through our partnership approach, we are fully dedicated to helping business owners and entrepreneurs achieve their desired success, while simultaneously providing a substantial return to our investors.

What We Look For
  • Meaningful: the relevant market opportunity is large and positively impacts millions, if not billions, of people
  • Impactful: the investable idea is a true industry breakthrough and will generate substantial gross margins
  • Ready: the technology is validated, defensible and approaching commercialization, and can be cash flow positive in 12-24 months
  • Attractive: the entry valuation is appropriate, such that our investment has the potential to yield a 10x return in 5 years or less
How We Can Help
  • We can help overcome capital challenges
  • We can address management issues and help attract/retain the right management team
  • We can offer our operational expertise and network of strategic partners
  • We will creatively structure transactions to provide the best outcomes for all stakeholders