Our Principles

Stay Sharp

Our first and most important belief was agreed upon at the founding of our firm is represented in our name, Kirenaga. It is the core of who we are. We understand that no matter how much we know, there is much more to learn. We are humble in our abilities and open-minded to new and better possibilities. We quickly acknowledge obstacles and work relentlessly to turn those setbacks into new sources of strength. We embrace change and are constantly willing to re-invent ourselves and our firm as time progresses and the technology, business and financial world evolves.


We aspire to be friendly and networked with wide groups of investors and advisors. We believe that good luck happens when you have the right intentions, are actively engaged in the world, and constantly seek new relationships. We are not secretive and do not hide in fortified offices. Instead, we embrace the possibility of serendipitous meetings that can occur anywhere and at any time as long as you are constantly looking.

Be Bold

At Kirenaga, we fully embrace the philosophy that Fortune Favors the Bold. We are willing to look for opportunities where others do not. We are ready to act before others see potential. We stay away from club deals when the opportunity doesn’t fit, even when there is pressure to be involved. We believe that differentiated, above-market returns come from investing boldly, and often at times and in places where others will not.

Create Enduring Value

We seek to build companies that last. We are not out to make a quick return by searching for mispriced assets, speculating and flipping. Rather, we seek to create Enduring Value for our companies so that these companies are attractive to the next set of investors and we can exit smoothly. We believe creating Enduring Value provides the greatest possible return for our portfolio companies, for our investors and for the world-at-large.