If you’ve ever wondered what the future of agriculture was going to look like, Plenty Inc. (previously See Jane Farm) is here to show you. Through an inspired integration of cutting-edge LED lighting, micro-sensor technology, and big data processing, Plenty has created a technology-driven, vertical-designed farming approach that would allow up to 350x increase in annual yields as crop turnover reached up to 33 cycles per year, all while reducing water usage by 99%, methane waste by 50%, pesticide contamination by 100%, and per-unit production cost by 33%. Additionally, the Plenty solution would allow production close to major population hubs, which would increase shelf life by 3x due to the radically reduced transportation time, revolutionizing this $35bn domestic industry.

In June 2016 Plenty received $20 million in series A financing from Eric Schmidt through Innovation Endeavors and Jeff Bezos through Bezos Expeditions.

In July 2017 Plenty raised $200 million of Series B venture funding in a deal led by SoftBank Group. Kirenaga Partners, Bezos Expeditions, Innovation Endeavors, DCM Ventures, Data Collective, Finistere Ventures and undisclosed affiliates of Louis M. Bacon also participated in the round. The company intends to use the funds to drive deployment of its first full-scale production facilities.

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