If you’ve ever wondered what the future of agriculture was going to look like, Plenty Inc. (previously See Jane Farm) is here to show you. Through an inspired integration of cutting-edge LED lighting, micro-sensor technology, and big data processing, Plenty has created a technology-driven, vertical-designed farming approach that would allow up to 350x increase in annual yields as crop turnover reached up to 33 cycles per year, all while reducing water usage by 99%, methane waste by 50%, pesticide contamination by 100%, and per-unit production cost by 33%. Additionally, the Plenty solution would allow production close to major population hubs, which would increase shelf life by 3x due to the radically reduced transportation time, revolutionizing this $35bn domestic industry.

In June 2016 Plenty received $20 million in series A financing from Eric Schmidt through Innovation Endeavors and Jeff Bezos through Bezos Expeditions.

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