Carbon fiber composites are the future of aerospace and other industries where materials need to have exceptional strength-to-weight. The challenge of working with these materials is it’s extremely difficult to make complicated shapes, as the molds that are used to give shape to the fiber and resin as it cures can become trapped in the geometry of the final product. This obstacle necessitates expensive single-use molds or components that need to be manufactured in separate, simpler parts that get assembled later in the process, driving up costs.

Spintech has devised a better mousetrap for the manufacture of carbon fiber composite components. Through the ingenious use of a patented process incorporating a shape-memory polymer mold that can be rigid or flexible and elastic as needed at different stages of production, both material and labor costs can be dramatically reduced compared to conventional production.

Spintech has already caught the eye of notables such as Boeing, NASA, GE, Spirit Aerosystems, and SpaceX who are among their current client list. To learn more about Spintech, please visit their website at the link below.

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